How one can remove / erase crossref and open worldcat info from the library catalogue info line?


When I have books that have words "crossref" or "open worldcat" in the library catalogue info line, they also appear in the bibliography. It is quite tiring to look for item with this info in the collection and to remove these lines manually.

- Is there a way to remove this info from the bibliography quicker?
- How one can do bunch edit of info?

Keywords: erase remove delete crossref open worldcat
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  • I believe that at the moment there's no "easy" way to do batch edits:

    Based on that link it seems you can do what you want if you write a little JavaScript. Way back in Zotero 1.x days I played around with using SQLite Manager ( modify the Zotero database directly, but I understand that's not safe or approved.

    Short of programming then, the best shortcut may be to make a "Saved Search", e.g. for "Library Catalog" "contains" "CrossRef" (using the Advanced Search button). You'll have to go through the entries one by one, but at least you'll know you got them all and they'll be all in one collection.
  • Well, let's step back a little first. What Alan says is technically all correct (though you _really_ should stay away from touching your database with sqlite. If you want a techy solution for batch-editing use the javascript API: ), but I think it's starting at the wrong end of things.

    Library Catalog only shows up in a small number of citation styles and should only do so when it makes sense. Which citation styles are you using. What does one of those citations look like?
  • @alandsloane: thanks a lot! I went through all entries and deleted those info manually.

    @adamsmith: thanks a lot for your suggestion. I use MLA and the line looks like this:

    Scheffer, Thomas. Adversarial Case-Making an Ethnography of English Crown Court Procedure. Danvers, MA: Brill, 2010. Open WorldCat. Web. 24 Apr. 2014.
  • that's odd. Does that item have something in the URL field?
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    @adamsmith: it does.

    By the way, now I am experiecing new troubles with these crossref data: I have erased some of them manually,
    synced zotero standalone with zotero firefox,
    refreshed the bibliography in the doc,
    but they are still there!
    I changed the style from MLA to SAGE Harvard, and they disappeared,
    I changed the style back to MLA, and they appeared again.
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