Differentiate author'skeywords from my added tags.

Sometimes (more often than not for me) Zotero misses the autohr's keywords, so I add them manually. It would be nice to mark them as "author's keywords" or anything, in opposition to my own inserted tags.

It's not my case now, but some folks use keywords as sample method on literature reviews of their research area and it would be nice to have Zotero ready for that if on an organized library.
  • I agree. Author keywords give a rough description of the topic of the paper, whereas tags can be used to categorise references according to your own system. For example, I use them to indicate for which project and workpackage a publication is useful.
  • Sure,

    and my idea isn't a new field but just to possibility to change 'user-added tags' to 'automatically added tags' or a better name as 'original keywords' or something. Just the possibility to change this.
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