Classifying "Dear colleague" letters

Wondering how others have classified "Dear Colleague" letters from US federal agencies, like this one:


  • Avoid Document as much as possible. I'd use either report or letter for this. Report in general seems preferable since you have publisher field and all. And systematically this is very much like a report--i.e. something published in irregular intervals by an agency or institution.
    I'd only use letter if the specific date (i.e. month and date) are important.
  • Hi - I have the same question. The month and date are important, so I tried "letter," but that gets rid of Place and Institution, which are needed. Report is correct, except it gives only the year, not the full date.

    For example, in APA style, the citation should be:
    Ali, R. (2011, April 4). Dear colleague letter. Washington, DC: U.S.
    Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights.

    Is there another Item Type that will output the correct format?
    Thank you!
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