[Syncing] Collaborative Annotations & Versionning - in Desktop

Good Morning,

According to this topic [from mendeley => i was not able to find something equivalent on Zotero]: http://support.mendeley.com/customer/portal/questions/222344-annotations-made-by-collaborator-appear-in-my-library
I would believe there are collaborative features about annotations and comment.

However, I'm not yet able to test it, I don't know why.
Would you be so kind to explain me How does it work ?

Moreover, i would like to suggest a kind a "SVN/Git" versinnong system for annotations and comments.

For exemple :
by selecting a PDf file attached to an article, you are able to highlight then comment or "mark" the file.
However, in mind experience, you have to save a new PDF version to uplaod to the article in order to share it with collaborator.
I would suggest a kind of "versinnong" system; like a PAD, working with "Folksonomics #Hashtags" Mark

(#TitleOfComment #User /Date-Hour /Version "Comment/Annotation")

In fact, the targeted system would be able to "Fork" from a trunk (original files) and purpose to "Commit" comments and annotations.

What do you think about ?
Are there some developpers interested in contribute to the targeeted project ?
(Are there sources of Desktop somewhere ?)
  • If you make changes to attached files (like commenting), those changes are saved with all people in your shared library when you do normal sync in Zotero. Nothing special needs to be set up for this to happen.

    Your request for a versioning system is relatively niche request, so I am doubtful that it will ever be integrated into Zotero natively. A plugin could be written to implement the feature, but It would be a significant effort, and there are other tools that already achieve this; I am not sure Zotero will be the best way to go if you need such fine control over versioning.

    You can achieve a similar effect using the Zotfile plugin's "Read on Tablet" feature. This feature can add suffixes like you describe to annotated PDFs. If you would like more information on how this works, please ask in the the big Zotfile help thread in the General section of the forum--the Zotfile developer answers questions in that thread.
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    Thank you for your message.
    Very helpful to know.
    I'm going to take contact with Zotfile developers.
    EDIT => https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/5301/21/zotfile-zotero-plugin-to-rename-move-and-attach-pdfs-send-them-to-ipad-extract-pdf-annotations/#Comment_194201


  • I love versioning, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen in Zotero and I don't think Zotero offers a good platform for integrating versioned annotations.
    I'd imagine this would happen in an online-only project (and there are some apps--not least google docs--that provide something similar already) and you could just link to it from a Zotero entry.
  • quite interesting.
    What would be the method to use ? Could you modelise it ?

    Like, using a link to the file, hosted on googledocs ...
    however, how would we be able to use the internal annotation tools ?
    Is there a good plugin into google drive to annotate properly a pdf ?

    Thank you for your kind collaboration
  • I haven't done this, so this was more a general thought, but e.g.
    would give you annotations for PDFs in google drive.
    Zotero doesn't have internal annotation tools in the first place, so actually, if you link a file to Zotero, sync it to google drive and annotate, e.g., with adobe acrobat, that should work pretty nicely.
  • Thank you Adam for your kind collaboration.
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