Zotero over TOR network or Proxy

I think this is a good one:

Zotero translators and Save as Webpage do not seem to work on TOR network and/or on proxy service. Is it obvious or I am missing something? Is there a workaround?

Many thanks
  • I don't think we've tried this on TOR (though I don't really see why there should be a problem), but tons of people are using proxies and it's certainly not a general issue. Is this Zotero or Firefox or using a connector?
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    If this is a connector, one potential issue would be if the local connection to — which is how the connectors communicate with Zotero Standalone — is being rerouted accidentally. If that's the case, you'd want to be sure to exclude from rerouting/proxying (which should be the default).
  • Bingo!

    It was the above: FF was set to proxy also on localhost.

    Thanks so much
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