Export with different translators via different hotkeys


I often need to quickly export entries to my clipboard in order to paste them into different documents/websites/programs.

In Zotero, it is only possible to select one translator for "quick copy" via a zotero-predefined shortcut.

Is there any way to manually state more shortcuts and assign them to different translators (Biblatex, Chicago, custom translators etc.).

For example ctrl+alt+b = Biblatex, ctrl+alt+c = IEEE.

I know this can be done without "quick copy" by exporting to a file, opening it, selecting the exports, deleting the file - but it is annoying and not an option.

Any Ideas?

  • I doubt this will get implemented. Though what I could see happening is introducing a drop-down box in the Zotero toolbar (optionally) where you can select the quick-export translator/style.
  • this would be helpful as well. at the moment, it is just to cumbersome to always go the the preferences and select another translator each time I need a different format.

    but thanks for telling me that there isn't such an option yet.
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