Why would I get sync conflicts with deleted items?

I just (about 2hs ago) resolved 400+ sync conflicts. This is on my windows system which I don't use a ton, so while I'm a little surprised I'd get sync conflicts at all, that alone isn't so odd. What's odd is that for almost all of these, the local version was deleted. I don't really understand how I can get a sync conflict with a deleted item. Shouldn't that just delete on sync?

The only possible explanation I have is that I've been fighting with my Windows system to set a proper time (I have it set for US Mountain time, yet it keeps insisting on showing UMT). Could that cause this?

(If someone has a quick fix for this I'd be delighted, but obviously this isn't the place to troubleshoot Windows issues)
  • Changing local time could cause sync conflicts, if you set a later time (UTC), sync a change, then change time to earlier point, make a change sync again. As far as Zotero is concerned, you had made a change to an item that precedes an earlier sync (that's a conflict). Deleting an item is no different from changing metadata as far as sync is concerned, so it's not surprising that it would show up.

    You will probably want to resolve your local time issues before trying to resolve conflicts, since you'll just keep running into the same problems.
  • Thanks, that makes sense. For future reference, this is a common problem for double-boots, solution (have Windows recognize BIOS time as UTC) is here:
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