Changing style back to citations in footnotes


last year I have created my own style deriving it from "Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft (German)". That style puts the citations into footnotes.
At that time I wrote a paper for a collection and the editor had specified to use in-text citations (e.g. [Schmidt 2005]). I somehow achieved this in my style (it is too long ago so unfortunately I don't know any more how).

Now, I want to go back to citations in footnotes. After some comparisons of the code of my style with that of the original style I changed the code in my style back to

<category citation-format="note"/>

Unfortunately, it does not work. Also not for completely new papers.

By the way, when I start the new paper and set the zotero preferences in the add in, for the style "Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft (German)" it is asked whether footnotes or endnotes should be used. For my style this option is missing.

I assume there is something else to change in my style. But what? Can you help?

  • the citation-format (like anything else in the info section of the style) has no impact on what the style actually does. You need to change
    in the 1st line of the style.
  • Thank you. That worked.
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