Error: The source folder is not valid.

I often get on my MAc using Firefox:
The source folder is not valid.
Please change the source folder...

(btw: very inconveniently the error message cannot be copied ans pasted)

I have "Use Firefox download folder" in my options.

why is this wrong?
what should I do? Is my database at risk?

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    That error is associated with the Zotfile plugin, not Zotero per se, so there is no risk to your database. It has to do with Zotfile's feature where the most recently downloaded pdf can be attached and renamed in one click. If you aren't using that feature (which you probably aren't if you aren't sure what I am talking about), you can turn it off and stop the message. Open the gears menu and click Zotfile preferences. In the General Settings tab, uncheck "Watch for new items in source folder"

    Alternatively, if you do want to use that feature, what are your Forefox download settings? Are they set to "Ask me every time"? If so, Zotfile will watch wherever you last saved, which may result in problems. To fix this, pick a permanent folder in the Zotfile Preferences. For example, I have a folder on my desktop called "New Attachments" where I save the files I want to attach. Once you set Zotfile to watch a folder that actually exists, the error will stop.
  • (this needs to get fixed in ZotFile--when installed in standalone that option should just be disabled).
  • It is disabled in Standalone. alobo is using Firefox.
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