How to keep imported files in the same folder?

Some books come as a collection of numerous hyperlinked pdf files that reference each other.

When I attach a series of files to an item, each attachment gets its own folder and the links between the files don't work anymore.

I could use links, but then synchronization doesn't work, and I have to deal with the extra folders and the path will break on a different machine.

How do I get attachments that belong together into one folder?
  • This will not be possible with stored attachments (i.e. having Zotero sync them), but you can make this work with linked files.

    First, you will need to have some external software (like Dropbox) sync the folder with the _linked_ attachments. Then you will want to set the linked attachment base directory (third section in that article) correctly on each machine. This way, everything should work smoothly.
  • Thanks, aurimas. I was not aware of the relative links for attachments.
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