Problem with Qiryat Sefer library

I'm able to click to download, but it says there is an error when I select one of the references to downlad. Tried hebrew and english references.
  • I have also had problems using zotero on Hebrew text in general, and in the JNUL websites in particular. JNUL (like everything else in Israel) is very unreceptive to requests to make their site Firefox friendly, so the problem may be there - some Microsoft code that makes the site work ok in IE but work badly in FF.
  • It may be neither Hebrew nor Firefox (I can search JNUL very well with Firefox), but may be Aleph. I have tried zotero with other libraries that use Aleph and get even less results.
  • I have noticed the same problem with the French version of Aleph 500 (see SCD Angers or Bibliotheque Mazarine
    Similar problems with Aleph catalogues were reported on this forum, from the USA, Canada or Germany.
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