Startup error in Iceweasel 29

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This afternoon, Zotero started not displaying the contents of my libraries at Iceweasel (29.0.1, from Debian testing)) startup, so I backup'd the Zotero files and asked from a restoration from the server.

After about 1 1/2 hour, I got an error telling me that "Intl is not defined". Therefore, I'm still without access to my libraries on this machine.

Ouch !

Suggestions ?
  • so I backup'd the Zotero files and asked from a restoration from the server
    Don't do that. The reset options aren't meant for troubleshooting.
    I got an error telling me that "Intl is not defined"
    This doesn't happen in Firefox 29, so this is a problem in the Debian build — Intl is a new component, and they seem not to be bundling it by default. Hopefully they'll fix this in Iceweasel 30, but that's the best I can tell you.
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    Probably the same problem here. Using Debian testing and Iceweasel 29.0.1, and zotero does not show the contents of my libraries anymore. If someone has a suggestion I will me more than happy.

    Edit: I see that Iceweasel 30 is already in sid. I hope everything goes back to normal when using the new version.
  • Iceweasel 24.6 works with Zotero, so that'd be the last-ressort option.
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    This is definitely an Iceweasel bug/omission, but try the latest 4.0 Beta, which will probably avoid this until Iceweasel 30. Assuming that works, someone should still try Iceweasel 30 and see if it works, since this workaround just delays using the component in question until then.
  • Thank you. I can cofirm that Zotero works with Iceweasel 30.
  • Thank you all for the information.

    I got out of trouble by desinstalling Zotero's version of plugins and reverting to Debian-packaged ones. I'll wait for Iceweasel 30 to try again the original plugins.

    I also filed a bug against iceweasel in Debian (no bug number received yet as I'm writing this) ; the bug report references this thread.

    Thank you all again !
  • Please try the beta I linked to above with Iceweasel 29 so we can know whether to push out an update.
  • Done that. Seems to work ok (library visible, can add new reterences and retrieve them from Zotero standalone after Iceweasel shutdown).

  • OK, thanks. Fixed in, available now.
  • Hello,
    I discovered Zotero one week ago. I installed zotero-standalone, 4.0.20-2~bpo70+1 on a debian wheezy. But in iceweasel24, there is an error at startup. So is it necessary to update iceweasel30 ? Will I need to install Zotero manually ?
    Thank you
  • 4.0.20 is out of date. The first thing you should do is upgrade to the latest version, which for Standalone is
  • (Also, if you're using Standalone, the version of Firefox doesn't matter (at least in terms of a startup error).)
  • Today I searched on the Debian Website, but Zotero is 4.0.20-2 for all versions.
  • You'll have to talk to the maintainers of the Debian package, then. You can always simply download the latest version from and see if that works.
  • Hello Mike, thank you very much, from France.
  • hi guys please i just bought a nook hd+ ereader and i cant seem to down load zotero unto it. keeps saying filer unsupported when i try to run the file by clicking on it. the OS is android 4.0 icecream sandwich.
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    arinzown: Zotero doesn't work on Android — Firefox for Android is a totally different program from the desktop version. If you have other questions, please start a separate thread, since this one is about the desktop Linux version of Firefox.
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