importing citations from EBL o rmaybe Summon

More and more of my library's ebook are not being loaded into our catalog. Finding ebooks is done through the Summon. Clicking on the results of a search opens that item in EBL (or netLibrary, etdc.). I have the bookmarklet installed on Mozilla Firefox on a computer in our student computer area, and cannot figure out how to get the citation for an EBL ebook into Zotero. Any ideas? Is this a site translator issue?
  • yeah - EBL only has a COinS and that doesn't work with the bookmarklet. We could add a dedicated translator for that. It's not super high priority, since COinS works well for most users, but it's also not terribly hard to do, it's a well-structured page.

    netLibrary--do they still have their own interface? I only get them through EBSCO and that works with the bookmarklet.
  • Our access to netLibrary is through our public catalog. We do not buy their ebooks, but we do have access via a consortial arrangement. It would be nice to be able to get the EBL cites though.
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