Double-clicking on folders renames them starting version

Hi, I noticed yesterday that double-clicking on folders now functions to rename them instead of expanding them and displaying the subfolders. I don't have anything against this change (though I personally don't find it useful), but there seems to be a very annoying bug related to it.

Say, I accidentally double-click on a folder without the intent of renaming it, it would offer an input field with the folder name highlighted (for renaming, of course). Since I didn't intend on renaming this folder, I click on another folder to cancel the input field. What happens then is that the name of the newly clicked folder will be renamed to the name of the initial folder. This is really a catastrophe in the way I use Zotero.

Basically, the following situation occurs:
1. I double-click on the folder ABC
2. An input field opens up for the folder ABC
3. I click on the folder XYZ
4. XYZ turns into ABC

I basically need to press ESC to cancel the input field everytime I accidentally click on a folder. I doubt this is how this feature is supposed to work...?
I'm using Firefox 30 under Ubuntu 14.04 by the way.
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