Category Divisions in Bibliography

This is probably a matter of CLS hacking, but seeing as I'm new at this, I'm posting this in the Feature Request section.

I'd like the ability to section out my bibliography according to reference type: Interviews, Primary Source Material, Journal Articles, Books, Unpublished Papers, Archival Material, etc. This is common practice in history papers, as well as in others where seeing the different types of references would be more convenient.

I'm using the Chicago-Full CLS at the moment, and it seems like it should be a (fairly) simple matter to either add this type of citation in as a fork (eg, Chicago-Full-ResourceDivided) or else to build in the choice to organize the biblio this way as a user-selected option (probably more difficult).
  • CSL does not support this, and it's not as trivial as you think to implement. But it would be nice to have.
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