Zotero won't go to tabbed mode on Firefox Aurora 32

So hi,

Report ID: 2041334552

I'm on Firefox Aurora 32.0a2 (2014-06-16), Zotero 4.0.21-beta.r26+fad6174, MacOS X 10.9.3 and MacBookPro7,1 (mid 2010).

So, this started with branch 32 of Aurora, I'm now with Aurora 32.0a2 (2014-06-16) but happened with the previous 3 versions of this branch.

The issue won't be triggered on Firefox Beta or release - didn't test it on Firefox Nightly.

So to trigger it install the latest Firefox Aurora (or any from the 32 branch), click the Zotero button, all is well, and now click on the Toggle tab mode button.

It will go to an yellow tab with this message:

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://zotero/content/tab.xul
Line Number 34, Column 3: <menuitem id="context-undo"

instead of Zotero. Closing the tab and clicking the Z button will prompt this tab again.

It seems that Tor button had a similar bug a few years ago: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/1014

This may not be affecting many users now, but probably something on Firefox was changed and it will pass on to beta and release unchecked if not attended to.

Ff 32 is scheduled to go on beta july 22 and Release on september 2, according to this:
  • just as a general note: error reports for the beta and aurora channel of Firefox are much appreciated, so this is great; in terms of its own release cycle, Zotero is only ever guaranteed to work with the stable release (but again, reports like yours help to make sure that's the case).
  • Same problems here. Now I cannot open Zotero at all with Aurora.
  • As adamsmith says, you should not expect Zotero to be fully functional in Firefox Aurora or even Beta. These stages of Firefox are there to give add-on developers time to fix their products (and iron out bugs in Firefox itself). If you're being adventurous and using Beta or even Aurora to help debug Firefox itself or the add-ons, that's wonderful, but don't expect to receive a fix for these bugs until that version of Firefox hits stable release

    Though you might see fixes faster if you're using Zotero Beta, but this is currently still not fixed even there. I would advise against using the Alpha version unless you know specifically what you're doing.
  • Are you on Mac too or other OS?

    Anyway, I hope that using Aurora is not essential for your task. I'm no coder so all we can do is wait for a fix to come, while that better try Ff beta when using Zotero.

    As stated above Zoter is only guaranteed to work with the release version.
  • This is fixed in Zotero 4.0.21, available now.
  • Yay, just updated to,
    and it works :)

    Many thanks!
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