The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - needs corrections


I need to use the style of this Journal, but I was able to notice that the one that is on the repository is doing is diferent from what the Journal asks for.

Like the links that are "Internet: http... (accessed 14 October 2000)." and not "[cited 2014 Jun 3]; Available from:"

This is the link to the instructions for references of this journal:

I don't know how is the current load of work that you have nowadays, but if you could be able to atualize it, It would be good.

  • are you sure they care about that?
    E.g. in the last issue ( ), internet citations are formatted as:

    29. World Health Organization. Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption around the world. Available from: (cited 19 February 2013).

    i.e. yet another way of formatting.

    You should be using the style for the Journal of Nutrition, though, to get the et al settings right. I'll switch this one. If you get a complaint from the editors I'll fix this, but as long as they can't get this straight in their published articles I'm not sure it's worth the effort. What the style currently does follows standard ICMJE guidelines.
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition style has now changed slightly and conforms more closely to the guidelines, but in what they want for webpages we follow the journal of nutrition, since they don't actually seem to care much about the citation format. Let us know if you hear something different from the editors.
  • Thank you adamsmith! I didn't receive any complain, so I think it's ok.
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