exporting directly to web version?

I accidentally posted this as a reply to another query, so I am repeating it here: I can't find documentation about saving a citation up to Zotero's web version when I am working at a computer that does not have Zotero on a local drive. For example, if I am working at the library and Zotero is not on a public computer, can I save directly to my library on the web? How?
  • Use the bookmarklet https://www.zotero.org/downloadbookmarklet though it's a bit more limited than the Firefox extension or even Chrome/Safari connectors. It will save items to the root of your library. It is not currently possible to indicate the collection to save to or save to a group library.
  • you can also use the Chrome or Safari connector as long as Standalone is closed (or not installed) on that computer.
  • (But if you use the connectors you'd need to make sure to deauthorize when you were finished.)
  • Are there any plans to allow the bookmarklet to save into a bookmarklet collection instead of the root library. I would find that so much more useful that the current way it works.
  • Adam, we are talking about computers that do not have Zotero connectors or Standalone loaded. Thanks to Aurimas for the info.
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