Creating a reference pack?


Apologies if I have missed something - I'm a fairly new user (having been a fairly new user of Mendeley until it was bought).

I've checked the documentation, and looked through everything I can think of (I'm using Zotero standalone with Word), but I can't see how to create a reference pack?

Essentially I have my fully referenced document, with a nice list of references at the end, but I would now like to have Zotero export all the relevant PDFs, appropriately labelled, in to a folder. Is this possible to do?

  • planned, not currently possible (unless you have all references in a collection).
  • Thanks for letting me know - at least it wasn't me being stupid!

    Hopefully it gets implemented in the next 18 months, when I have an upgrade document to hand in, or in 40 months, for my thesis :-)
  • TO revisit something from approaching 5 years ago, sadly it still isn't implemented. Does anyone know how far away in the plan it is, and if there is a mechanism instead to find a programmer to pay to code it in? I need it often enough that if it doesn't cost too much, I don't mind paying for someone to develop the open source code!
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