bibtex/biblatex import/export and the "Jr" name part

When a name contains a "Jr." part, the recognized format in both bibtex and biblatex is "von Last, Jr, First" (see, e.g.,

Upon importing from bibtex or biblatex into Zotero,author = {von Last, Jr, First}
is converted to Zotero fields

Author (last): von Last, JrAuthor (first): First

It should be converted to

Author (last): von LastAuthor (first): First, Jr(See,

Likewise, upon exporting to bibtex or biblatex,

Author (last): von LastAuthor (first): First, Jr

is converted to
author = {von Last, First, Jr}

It should, of course, be converted to
author = {von Last, Jr, First}

In addition, Zotero/CSL's "John,! Jr." construct, used to indicate that a junior comma should be rendered, can be expressed by adding "juniorcomma" to the "options" field of a biblatex entry (so far implemented at least in biblatex-chicago - and not available in bibtex).

Also, upon exporting to bibtex/biblatex, a suffix like "III" is wrapped in braces. This is unnecessary since names never undergo case conversion.

Finally, is Zotero/CSL's recognized format for "Jr" parts documented anywhere (except for being mentioned in forum posts)? If not, it would be nice if this could be added, e.g. to the Knowledge Base.
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    This should be fixed now. Update your translators via Preferences -> General -> Update Now

    Not sure about documentation though. adamsmith can probably tell you about that.

    Edit: thanks for reporting btw
  • I think this one is on me, at least for the first draft.
  • Thank you. One small issue remains, however:

    A Zotero entry with Author (first) = "First,! Jr."

    is exported to:

    author = {von Last, ! Jr, First},

    The "!" should be removed since neither bibtex nor biblatex will see it as a formatting directive but simply print it as part of the "junior" part - clearly not what is intended.
    When a "!" is present, "options = {juniorcomma=true}" could be used instead (this would have the intended effect on the biblatex side; bibtex would ignore it).

    And, just to clarify: Your fix is for "BibTeX" import/export only, right?

    "BibLaTeX" export does not seem to have been updated so far.

    (BTW, is there any dedicated biblatex import module? As far as I see, you get to choose upon export but not upon import ...)
  • I'm looking at adding an entry to the Knowledge Base, and I can't quite seem to figure out how to add a page. There is the "playground", which allows creation of a page, but there doesn't seem to be a channel for publishing from there. On the published side of the tree, I can edit pages, but the index to the Knowledge Base has only tag markers, and no wiki-style links to page.

    How do you go about this?
  • If you go to the URL of your desired wiki page, e.g. , there will be a link to create the page.
  • @nickbart, ooops, yes, I forgot to update BibLaTeX. Done now. Same instructions as above.

    There is no dedicated BibLaTeX import, BibTeX should be able to handle both.
  • @Gracile: Thanks! This modern wiki business is very new to me. :-)
  • Ha-ha. And sorry for the delay.

    I did some work on the abbrevs filter recently, though (a new release will be out one of these days), and realized that the syntax had changed -- so there wasn't anything that needed fixing, I just needed to get the explanation to you. I think. We'll see.

    Anyway, try this in an abbreviation field:


    Just that. It borrows the syntax of subsequent field suppression, but it should have the same effect as {suppress}.
  • Great, and that works with vanilla zotero ! (btw, my comments are still awaiting moderation on citationstylist, maybe you can post something for the OP)
  • Done. Thanks for the nudge.
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