annotations: print- and searchable?

I tried to print out a web page with the annotations I made with Zotero, but that failed. The page printed without the annotations. Am I doing something wrong?

Another thing that was also discussed earlier ( ): are there plans to make it somehow visible if a webpage snapshot has annotations or highlighted text? That would be a very helpful feature.

Thanks, Martin
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    What kind of system are you using? I just printed out a page with annotations and highlighting on my Mac and the annotations came through just fine.

    I just created a ticket for the second request, making annotations visible as child items. See
  • I´m using FF3.0.1 / Zotero 1.07 on Windows XP

    The printing error is somewhat strange. Sometimes the annotation box is printed (i.e. the yellow box that looks like a post-it) but without the text in it. The box is also not yellow but white (transparency is ok). I could not figure out what determines if the empty box is printed or not.
    Highlighting never appears in the printed page.

    Thanks for your help,
  • Same problem here. FF3.0.1 / Zotero 1.5beta and Windows XP

    Doesn't even work, if you save the complete page via firefox. Annotation boxes appear, not the text within.

    Also tried PDFit, which unfortunately creates a one page-document like an ancient papyrus scroll without page breaks. Unable to print that properly on A4.

    I'd be very grateful, if someone resolved this issue.

    Kind regards,
  • I can annotate but no highlights or annotations print. My system uses FF 3.0.3 / 1.5a.r3528 on Windows XP.
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