Opening zotero links (zotero://...) from notes also opens an empty window


when I open a zotero link from a note in Standalone such as


Zotero first opens an empty window (I suspect an empty html page) and then selects the Zotero item. Is there a way to prevent that?

  • ps: here is a link to a screenshot of the empty window
  • In MLZ, I made some changes in compoents/zotero-protocol-handler.js to make the window close immediately. The code was a hack, and might not play smoothly on all platforms and in all Firefox versions. I'm sure there is a better way to handle it in code.

    As far as I know there isn't a way to control it externally in official Zotero, but I could be wrong.
  • Yeah, I figured that a fix should come from the Zotero side. Can you be a little more specific about the hack? Thanks!
  • Not sure how well this would merge to current Zotero source, but it looks like this is the patch:
  • (On a separate item, is a list of zotfile wildcards available? The info link in the plugin is broken, and I flipped through the source online, but didn't spot where they are defined.)
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    The default wildcards are in the preference zotfile.wildcards.default

    Shown in nice layout here:
  • Thanks for the link to the pull request!

    Here is also a short description for most of the wildcards:

    The link should be fixed in the version on github unless I missed one.
  • Hello, I set up everything so that now can open zotero:// links from OneNote - the only problem is with empty window. Can please anyone tell where this file components/zotero-protocol-handler.js is located for editing? Win 7, Zotero FF.
  • Is there an update on this? Conveniently opening links from Onenote would still be absolutely awesome!
  • opening links from OneNote is possible as pglushko says above.
  • Thanks for your quick response!
    yes, but I don't understand how he managed to do this. When I click a zotero://select/items/xxxxx link only an empty tab is opened but the item is not selected?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  • and the same link works when you paste it into the URL bar?
  • Yes, absolutely.
    Also, when I add the same link in a note within Zotero it works.
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    Hello community. Here are my notes of how I made zotero links working but new-window-problem still exists:
  • Thank you pglushko, for your comments. However, this is still a tad complicated for someone who is not familiar with these things.

    I understand that what's required is registration of a custom URL in Windows. Did you use the CustomURL tool for this? Are there step-by-step instructions available on how to do this?

    Also, is this a safe thing to do?
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