gender neutral labels in non-English locales

In many languages, creator labels such as "author," "editor" etc. are translated in their male form, which is traditionally considered the "default."

At least for the German locale there is some degree of discontent about this, most recently

There is an ongoing and quite polarized debate in Germany how to deal with such cases, with options ranging - taking the example of author - from Autorin/Autor to Autor/in, AutorIn, Autor_in, and most recently the neologism Autorix (and, of course, a large faction who believes using the male for as universal is fine).

I believe this debate is unusually fierce in Germany, but the same issue and debate exists, at a minimum, in French and Spanish as well.

It'd be good to have an official opinion on this from Zotero in general since there is no technical right or wrong I don't think this is something the translation team can handle.
  • Never responded to this, sorry.

    I don't think we can really weigh in on this authoritatively, except to say that slashes and equivalents are out, since they're clumsy and long and, more importantly, would be just as (or more) offensive to some people.

    So I think this has to be a single string. What that string is we'll have to defer to others on.
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