Multiple Edit

Zotero seems great to collect references from the web, but unfortunately the references sometimes require editing. Is there a way to edit multiple items at the same time? (e.g. I want to change the Journal Title for 5 articles at the same time)
  • There is currently no way to batch edit item information. When Zotero moves to a more hierarchical relationship between items this should become a bit easier, but for the time being you will need to edit on an item by item basis.
  • edited November 24, 2010
    I've been searching for tip on how to batch edit titles from lower case to title case. I keep coming across, 'batch edit planned' but have yet to see any progress on this. I have 100 + entries that I need to change to title case. Any suggestions?
  • citation styles can change titles to title case - we actually recommend keeping them in sentence case for that reason. If there's a specific style you're using this is less than one line to change.
    Not batch edit currently exists - and batch text-transform is pretty advanced anyway, not sure if that's ever going to happen.
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