Data Files?

I have recently evaluated Zotero and consider giving up my manual system :)

However, I found no way to enter and reference Data files in Zotero?

e.g. World Values Survey Group (2006) World Value Survey [computer file], Ann Arbor, Institute for Social Research [distributor]: 20060423.
  • It sounds like you want to manually add items to your collection. See the info under maunal additions or watch the screencast on manually adding items.
  • Yes, I would add these manually, but I don't seem to find an appropriate category... The way I handle data files at the moment is as I described, but none of the categories available seems to match my requirements... am I missing something?
  • You can most likely use a general item type like document. For example, most of the information you list is common to most of the items. From what I can see it looks like these are how your fields break down.

    Author: World Values Survey Group
    Date: (2006)
    Title: World Value Survey [computer file]
    Publisher: Ann Arbor, Institute for Social Research [distributor]:
    Not sure what this number is: 20060423

    You could get all these fields in the basic document item.
  • Thanks. The number is the name of the particular data set. With data sets being updated and made available as pre-releases, this becomes increasingly important. I guess I could include this in the title...
  • One problem, though, with using "Document" is that the different styles used handle it quite differently in the list of references. For the time being I find using "Book" most satisfactory. My comments are probably much more about the state of referencing than Zotero.
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