Change (batch) the location of linked files after moving physical folders ?


I'm quite new to Zotero and I have been starting to build up my database from "scratch" : I had physical folders organized in Windows Explorer, and I'm in the process of recreating this by adding subcollections and linking the PDFs.

I have 3 main root folders that I would like to move elsewhere on my computer, while keeping all the structure. Is there a way to keep the linked files locations or to batch-edit it ?

Thanks for your help !
  • If you have multiple root folders, your best bet is to do this with Zutilo:
  • Thanks Adam !

    Can I use this add-on with the standalone ?
    I'm using the Zotero standalone and I can't seem to find the Zutilo menu to look at the various options available..?
  • You can install Zotfile by downloading the .xpi file, then from Tools-->add-ons--> extensions and then click on the tools icon and "Install from File" and select the downloaded file.
  • Perfect, it did absolutely what I wanted it to do !

    Couldn't install it at first because the Zotero add-ons manager kept on loading and did absolutely nothing when I clicked on "install from file", but I just had to click on the "Extensions" tab on the left to be able to install it.

    Thanks !
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