MARC Translation issues

I thought I'd start a general thread for issues with MARC, to avoid making new threads for each nit-pick.

Currently, Zotero's treatment of the 300 field does not take into account multi-part monographs. A 300 field like the one given below will be interpreted by Zotero as indicating that the book is 4 pages long, rather than 4 volumes:

300 $a 4 v. : $b ill. (some col.), maps ; $c 29 cm.
  • It seems also that the series statement in MARC records is not being imported to Zotero. That's the case both for the 440 field (series statement/added entry--title) and 490 (series statement) and 830 (series added entry--uniform title) combinations.


    440 0 $a Focus on contemporary issues

    440 0 $a Brill's Inner Asian library, $x 1566-7162 ; $v v. 10

    490 1 $a AIP conference proceedings, no. 7
    830 0 $a AIP conference proceedings $v no. 7.
  • I'm uncertain about the proper handling of 7xx fields. It is common in catalog entries for monographs with multiple authors to have multiple 700 (personal name) entries and possibly some 710 (corporate name) entries as well, often with no specific relations specified. For example, the recent book Blackboard for Dummies might have no 100 field and
    700 1 Southworth, Howie
    710 2 Blackboard Learning System

    What the current MARC input does is stick this 710 into Author but the 700 into Contributor. My guess is that people would be a lot happier if routinely the translation just always stuck unqualified 700 entries into Author. Any $e should override, of course. That's closer, I think, to Endnote's behavior.

    P.S. as you may guess, I'm not a cataloger.
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