Storage status--how often updated?

Having gotten the message that I'm nearing my storage limit, I deleted a bunch of duplicates and items no longer needed. My storage usage here on the still read the same as they did before I deleted those items (and emptied the trash in Zotero standalone). How long before my having slimmed down the library before I can expect to get an updated reading, so I can decide whether I still need to upgrade my storage limits? Thanks.
  • Sorry, how long "after"
  • I believe that should be pretty instantaneous. Have you synced since emptying the trash?
  • It's immediate.

    Have you checked to see whether the items are actually gone from your online library (which obviously they should be if you emptied the trash and there wasn't a sync error). Are you sure the items you deleted actually had attached files and that those files existed and were synced?
  • Nope, I didn't think about whether I was deleting items or actual files. That's probably why the number's not changing even after syncing. I'll try linking my .pdfs to other storage the way I've seen suggested on the forum, first, and then maybe upgrade. Thanks!
  • Question about unlimited Zotero storage, as I debate using that vs. webDAV. I currently have 6G of Zotero storage and have reached the limit, and I can't use Zotero standalone for more than a few minutes without it crashing/freezing. I was all ready to start syncing with Box, but it looks like files uploaded there will have random filenames and will mess with the easy iPad/Zotpad/Zotero system I have going. I know Zotero storage works great, but it's pricy. So, bottom line: if I upgrade to unlimited Zotero storage, will that definitely fix the freezing/crashing problems I'm having with Zotero standalone?
  • storage shouldn't really affect freezing/crashing. You could try turning off file syncing and see if that removes the issue. If it does, then upgrading Zotero storage will likely help. If it doesn't, you'd probably need to look elsewhere for reasons.

    (FWIW, I thought ZotPad worked smoothly with webDAV, but I don't know that for sure).
  • Thanks, I'll try that. You guys are quick!
  • Wow, it was definitely the syncing that caused the freezing/crashing. Once I turned it off, things moved so much faster! Do most people keep it off for this reason? Or does this mean there's something wrong?
  • Normally syncing is brief and smooth, and no, most people don't keep it off. Maybe repeated failed attempts at file syncing could be causing this, which is why I suggested turning _file_ syncing off, not all syncing.
  • Yeah, currently if you're at your file sync quota I believe Zotero is a little too eager in trying to sync the remaining files. We should fix that, but it's only an issue when you're at your quota and you still have it set to try to sync files.
  • I now have file-syncing turned off, and for a while I thought that was the fix: the program was much faster, more responsive, and didn't crash for an hour of usage.

    Now, however, the crashing/freezing problem is back. File-syncing is still turned off, and I've gotten down to 96% of my storage rather than the 99.3% I had last night. What should I look at now, in terms of troubleshooting the freezing "Zotero not responding" issue that happens when I'm doing any number of things--searching, attaching files or deleting them, moving entries into collections, etc.--and that I can only resolve each time by forcing the program to quit?

    By the way, Mac OS 10.9.3, Zotero standalone, 6G of storage. Thanks! I'll create a new thread if I need to, since this might not be about storage anymore.
  • Did you turn off file syncing for both personal and group libraries?

    Your data syncing seems to be working perfectly fine, though you can try disabling auto-sync to be sure.

    Beyond that, if you let it go, does it come back from the freeze? If so, provide a Debug ID for a freeze. If not, we'll need real-time debug output, which you can save to a text file, zip, and email to with a link to this thread.
  • The Debug ID is D1363158334.

    Zotero standalone came back from the freeze when I clicked the gear/preferences button. I don't know if that usually happens or not, as I don't usually click that button before forcing Z to quit.

    Yes, I have file syncing off for both personal and groups. And yes, the data syncing seems to work fine. It's generally been better since I slimmed down the files; even this freeze took more time than usual.

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    There's an awful lot of output in there. I really need a Debug ID that shows a freeze for a single operation, with the output enabled/cleared immediately before and submitted immediately after. It's not possible to tell the difference between a freeze and a pause while you're interacting with it, so it really needs to just cover a single freeze.

    As a first step, though, try closing the tag selector in the bottom left. That can help with larger libraries. Also make sure you've emptied the Zotero trash.
  • The freezing is unpredictable, but I'll keep trying to capture that and only that. Trash is emptied. How do you disable the tag selector? I had it set so it didn't appear there, but then used it once, and now it's there by default again. Thanks.
  • Drag down the line above it.

    You can try to leave debug output running and the Clear button before each interaction with it.
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