Inclusive page numbers in Chicago 16 (note) footnotes

Currently, whenever I insert a book chapter or journal article Zotero citation into my document as a footnote, it includes the inclusive page numbers (i.e. the beginning and ending page numbers of the document). From my reading of the Chicago 16 style manual, such page numbers are only supposed to appear in the bibliography, not in the footnotes. In the footnotes, the only page numbers that are to appear are the passages from which the specific content is drawn (i.e. a quote or section related to the specific topic), which will often be only a single page or a range of pages shorter than the entire chapter/article. I searched the forums, but didn't find this anywhere, so I thought I would ask how to fix this.
  • if you look at the actual examples in the manual, you'll never see a journal article cited without a page reference: Either you provide a specific page (or page range), or you provide inclusive page ranges.
    That's exactly what Zotero does: For Chicago notes, if a locator (i.e. a page or page-range) is provided via the word processor add-on, only that appears. If no locator is provided, the full page range of the article is given.
    on using the word processor add-on.
  • Got it. Thanks!!
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