Mark as non-duplicate

  • Both changes are likely to occur in the future. No matter the detection algorithm, there will be false positives that would need to be marked as non-duplicates. There is already a mechanism in the database structure that could be used for this (the "Related Items" feature could be expanded to support multiple types of relations), so adding non-duplicate marking is definitely feasible.
  • Great! That sounds good, it's clever if different relations can be set into "related items"-type of fields.
    I love Zotero, I hope to see these changes soonish!
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    Has this been resolved? It would be a great solutions to mark an item as "not duplicate."
  • Also see related topic here — I understand marking as non-duplicate is non-trivial but it's not clear it has advanced beyond the stage of being planned.
  • My library is rather small (~2000 items) yet I have the false duplicate problem as well. Am posting here and here to keep the issue alive.
  • Adding myself to this thread.
  • Same problem here. I switched to Zotero from Mendeley because of sync problems, but there was a function to mark records as non-duplicates. I have about 4000 references, many of them are from older sources and have no DOI. What can I do with this?
  • tracking this thread
  • Would still love to have this feature!
  • Anything new about whitelisting false positive duplicates? For me, it is really annoying and prevents me from de-duplicating the real duplicates because it takes so much time to take a look at all the false positives again and again in search for the real duplicates.
  • No news as far as I know. Here's a duplicate thread (hah) on this issue in which I periodically note how many false positives are littering my 'duplicate items' tab; 230 at last count.
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