"Attach Link to URI" fails silently

I tried to attach a link to an existing item. The URL didn't contain "http://" but "www", and I didn't understand immediately why Zotero didn't want to attach it.

I think an explicit error message would be nice for the user (with some guidance such as "try to add http...")
  • There should be a visible error when it fails, but it should also just prepend "http://" if the beginning (or whole string) looks like a domain name — i.e., has at least one period.
  • Then, "should be" here means that it's not a feature request but a bug report ?
    The string is : www.conseil-constitutionnel.fr/decision/1973/7376l.htm
    Z Standalone 4.0.20 and firefox
  • No, sorry, I was saying it should be made to do those things.
  • It also silently discards valid URIs, like "cite://leave.my.damn.bibtex.key.alone". If it really can't link to URIs, but only to (one???) particular scheme name(s), then use of the term "URI" seems unnecessarily misleading. If it's actually going to tinker with what you enter to FORCE the users URI into an HTTP URL, for example, it seems like it would be clearer to name exactly what narrow subset of URI is going to be permitted here.

    URI kind of implies a very general resource identifier, which does not seem to be what Zotero intends for this field.
  • It does support a number of URIs (like evernote:// etc.) but indeed does not currently accept random URIs. That's generally planned, but it'll have to be done with a blacklist to prevent security risks. Patches probably welcome.
    (Beyond that, please chill before posting here. No need for curse words and all caps).
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