Access pdf in encrypted home folder

I have a problem accessing the majority of pdf files in Zotero.
The error I receive is "The attached file could not be found.It may have been moved or deleted outside of Zotero."
Online all the pdfs are available and there is no problem in synchronization. However when I browse the .zotero folder I also can not find the pdf. Thus it might happen that pdfs are not downloaded on my computer.
In my opinion the problem might be that .zotero folder is located in Home that is encrypted.
I am using Ubuntu 14.04, zotero v4.0.20 and zotero 2 GB storage.
This problem might be related to my previous issue
  • I doubt that the encryption has anything to do with it.

    Start here:
  • I followed the guideline and performed the Reset File Sync History. However after the initial sync it showed me an error (Report ID:911455520). This error is similar to the error I explained at
    After I delete the item, the error is not shown, but the sync is not continued. Thus the pdfs from the items that were not synced before the error are not synced after fixing the error and pdfs not downloaded.
    This error might be a result of too long filesname to save to disk (that is encrypted). However I do not know which filenames are too long to fix it.
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