Workflow for sending attachments in a group library to Android tablet?

My understanding is that Zotfile does not support sending attachments that are in a group library to a tablet. Does anyone have a suggestion for a workflow to do this? I've considered moving the files to my personal library and then sending to tablet, but I'm hoping for a cleaner option.
  • you could look at using
    runs in your android browser, but I think it should still do pretty nicely.
  • Thanks! Though I've run into a small problem. I set the permissions on the key to allow read/write access for my group library. However, in Zotero Reader, only the collections in my personal library are visible. Do you know what would cause this?
  • ugh. Might be they haven't implemented groups, that'd be too bad. Hmm - not sure I have a great idea then.
  • I've used Zotero for several years as an individual with my own library. Recently I have started a new project working with others and I have setup a group library for this. Today I found out about Zotfile and set it up. However it seems that linking and send to my tablet don't work for group libraries. I was wondering if anything is being done about this or if there is a work around to keep pdf documents from zotero in sync with tablets and with other users of the group library. Thanks
  • File links don't work in groups, so ZotFile can't really help here.

    You can access files on tablets via Zotero's online library at, which has a decent mobile version, though it's awkward to annotate & re-upload. I don't think any of the Android clients currently support groups reliably enough to recommend (if at all).
  • Thanks for confirming this. I won't keep looking. It would be nice if someone could work out a way to do this - although I understand some of the complexities.

    For accessing via the online library - do you mean doing it in a browser on the tablet or using zotpad?
  • For accessing via the online library - do you mean doing it in a browser on the tablet or using zotpad?
    I mean -- if you have an iPad you have nice apps (probably paperShip over ZotPad given the current state of development) that work with groups so this is pretty much solved for you.

    I was referring to Android (which is in the thread title) and there, for groups the website is probably your best bet currently.
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