Second reference for newspaper story gives title only

My first citation (using CMOS full note)is:
“Foreign Intervention in American Affairs,” NYT, Apr. 1, 1861

The second citation includes only the title:
“Foreign Intervention in American Affairs.”

Can I get it to include the newspaper and date as well?
  • Is there any way to work around this problem? I am trying to finish a book and dread going through each citation to solve this problem.
  • I mean - you could customize that in the style, of course - i.e. change what it does for position="subsequent". As you know, getting these details right in Chicago is a bit tricky. If you happen to know if the manual discusses something like this in an example or a section, that would help me to get to it faster.
  • I am having a similar issue. I have cited two different articles from different issues the same newspaper. The first citation gives the Article Title, Publication, Date. The second citation gives just the Article Title, but not publication or date. How can I get Zotero to include all of this information every time I cite a newspaper article?
  • Same question as above: Does the Chicago Manual have anything about this? And is there a particular reason you need to full citation?
  • I don't have my copy of CMS handy, but in my case it is somewhat irrelevant. The reasons I need the full citation are:

    (1) without that level of detail, no one could check the reference (eg: this is how 3 consecutive citations appear on a page of my thesis:

    “Latest News from the Great Naval Expedition: Exciting Rumors in Washington in Regard to Its Safety,” New York Herald, November 4, 1861, 1.
    “The Storm and the Fleet,” New York Times, November 5, 1861, 4.
    “Our Great Armada,” 1.
    It's impossible to know from the citation above that the article appeared in the New York Herald on November 6, 1861

    (2) perhaps more importantly, my thesis adviser is demanding that I include the information
  • Oh wait, I may be misunderstanding this -
    if this is the first time the "Armada" article is cited, it should most certainly appear in full and there's no way Zotero wouldn't do that. So either the data is incomplete or you have it cited before.
  • Oops. You are correct: I did cite it previously, but many pages previous. Is there anyway to modify the style to have the full citation given each time? Obviously, I would have to name it something else.
  • edited April 8, 2015
    If you want to do that for all the items, you can just remove the entire
    <else-if position="subsequent"> section (down to the corresponding </else-if>
    Instructions here:

    Just doing it for newspapers is (significantly) harder.
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