Import from GBV / GVK (a German library catalogue)

I'd like to suggest a few improvements concerning fields imported inaccurately where currently a manual clean-up is necessary.

(1) GBV/GVK entries often contain "2. Aufl.", or "2. ed." (not even correct English), or "2. éd.". Zotero should import just the number. See, e.g.,

(2) "place" and "publisher" are often followed by "u.a.", or "[u.a.]". Since this is a German abbreviation (for "and others") that cannot be used in other languages, since it seems there is no way of entering this in a language-independent way in zotero, and since no style I am familiar with requires this, it would seem best to remove it. See entry above.

(3) Some dates are imported as "c2010", or "c 2010". The "c" does not seem to serve any useful purpose, and messes up the output. This, too, should be removed. See, e.g.,

(4) The list of editors is often incomplete. See, e.g., Could this information be gathered from other sources in such cases?
  • Could you get me a permalink for these? (right click on "Zitierlink" and "copy link location") Should look something like your links are tied to a specific session.
    We can definitely do 3; We can do something about 1, though it's a bit tricky since it's not clear how to address issues like "2. überarbeitete Auflage" etc. - I'm inclined to leave everything that's not Number, [Aufl.|ed.|éd] alone; I'm not sure about removing the u.a.—ideally that just wouldn't be there and there (or rather we'd have a full list). I'll have to see 4. before saying more.
  • Ah yes, here are the permanent links:

    As to "2. überarbeitete Auflage" and such: agreed. This is best left for users to decide how to handle these. I was thinking of Number, [Aufl.|ed.|éd] only as well, but that's the vast majority of cases anyway.

    (2) see (1). Actually I am not sure I understand your argument: Of course, ideally that just wouldn't be there, and in other catalogues it indeed just isn't there, see, e.g., the same book in DNB,, which simply omits the "u.a.". And since most styles prefer (or at least accept) printing the first publisher and place only, that's not too bad. A full list would have to be obtained from elsewhere but could actually be even more problematic, unless zotero can truncate that list if needed, which I am not sure it can.

    (4) (actually edited by Wolfgang Bunzel and Ulrike Landfester, but GBV fails to include Landfester)
  • OK, 1,2, and 3 are done, same update instructions as always.
    4. won't be possible, sorry. The 2nd editor is nowhere to be found on the page (including e.g. in the various bibliographic export formats they offer) and we don't really like to augment results from one database/catalog with other information. It's technically feasible, but it's problematic - this should just be fixed in the GBV catalog and/or the data used to generate that entry.
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