Default-locale of dependent doesn't override that of its parent

One of the changes in CSL 1.0.1 was that "default-locale" in dependent styles should override the locale of the parent:

Zotero Standalone 4.0.20 does not abide to this. Not sure this is a citeproc-js or Zotero issue.

Test case:
  • Not me, boss. Citeproc-js doesn't know anything about dependent styles. All it sees is the full style after resolution.
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    Does it means,that dependent style must be fully equal to independent style without overriding anything ?

    EDIT: The same problem is in Zotero 4.0.16
  • overriding default locale should work (other things can't be overridden, though) - fbennett is just pointing out where in the code that should happen.
  • Now I install Zotero 4.0.13 - same problem :(
  • no need to go back to old versions. If this isn't working in Zotero now, it won't work in older versions. My guess would be that you can only set a default locale for a style with an empty locale, not override an existing default locale (though that should be possible, too).
  • If you mean csl without set-up default-locale that is not this case. Independent style has Czech default-locale. If you mean locale defined directly in style (overrided locale-xx-XX.xml file) that this not this case. In independent style are not locales defined.
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    Independent style has Czech default-locale.
    exactly. And I think that may be the cause of the problem, though it shouldn't be. You'll have to be a bit patient on this one, will take a little time.
  • Yes ofcourse. I am patient. Thats not problem :-)
  • Some progress in this matter?
  • @LiborA, we brought the issue to the attention of the Zotero developers again. See
  • It seems that it doesn't work neither if the parent has no default-locale. I tried with universita-pontificia-salesiana styles and in the end I had to make a different style for every major language (
  • @javimat : That is not true. Try for example the IEEE style which has no default-locale in the test pane, e.g. in English (en-US):
    C. Homburg and C. Kühnl, “Is the more always better? A comparative study of success drivers in new product and new service development,” Journal of Business Research : JBR, vol. 67, no. 7, pp. 1360–1367, 2014.
    and in Catalan (ca-AD):
    C. Homburg i C. Kühnl, «Is the more always better? A comparative study of success drivers in new product and new service development», Journal of Business Research : JBR, vol. 67, núm. 7, p. 1360-1367, 2014.
    and in German (de-DE):
    C. Homburg und C. Kühnl, „Is the more always better? A comparative study of success drivers in new product and new service development“, Journal of Business Research : JBR, Bd. 67, Nr. 7, S. 1360–1367, 2014.
  • @zuphilip, did you test this with dependent styles? The case @javimat pointed out is using a dependent style with a default-locale, whose parent doesn't have a default-locale.
  • Baltic Journal of Economics which has en-US default locale and points to APA would be a good test case.
  • Ah, I see. Yes, you are right. I tested it and can now confirm the error. Sorry, for my confusion. Let me try to summarize the point:

    We have kind of three variables:
    1. style default-locale
    2. parent style default-locale (if it is a dependent style)
    3. extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale
    4. language of zotero GUI

    The first variable which is set (in this order) should determine the lanuage of the bibliography. Correct?
  • that's right, yes. And currently 1. fails for dependent styles.
  • Thanks to @aurimas and @Simon this should be fixed in the next 4.0.x release (see

    @javimat, once you can confirm it works as advertised (you can check to see if the fix has come out), could you convert your styles into dependents again?
  • Thanks to all.

    @Rintze: Sure. (Indeed, it will be easier for me to maintain and update only the parent).
  • @Rintze: It works.
    Now that Zotero for Firefox has been updated I've tested the Journal of Baltic Studies (which has en-US default locale and points to taylor-and-francis-chicago-author-date, that has no default-locale).
    (Tested in Zotero 4.0.24 in Firefox 33.0, in Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits).

    Now I wait for the Standalone update to test it in my Windows Vista.

    What other dependent styles could I try?
  • @javimat, great to hear.

    "Elsevier Vancouver" and "Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie (French)" would be a good test case. The latter is a dependent style set to "fr-FR" (French), while the Elsevier parent is set to "en-US" (US English).

    Another test would be "Archivos de Medicina Interna (Spanish)" ("es-ES", Spanish) and "Vancouver" (no default-locale). This is similar to what you did, but "en-US" is the default, so that might hide some issues in your original testing.
  • @Rintze. It's working fine in my tests with the styles you've suggested.
  • Great, thanks for checking!
  • @Rintze: I've done the tests also for the updated Standalone ( and it's working fine.
    Soon I'll update my styles into dependent ones.
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