LibreOffice integration plugin missing and wont reinstall

My zotero toolbar is suddenly missing from LibreOffice. When I try to update the extension in LibreOffice, it crashes and gives the following fatal error:

"Could not find extension: org.openoffice.legacy.Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt, Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt"

Zotero Preferences:Cite:WordProcessors says,

"LibreOffice/ add-in is not currently installed."

If I click "Install LibreOffice/ add-in", I get the following error message:

"Installation could not be completed because an error occurred. Please ensure that LibreOffice/ is closed, and then restart Firefox."

This is despite that LibreOffice is closed, and the error messages persist even after a total computer restart.

I have ensured that I have the latest versions of Firefox (29.0), LibreOffice (, Zotero for Firefox (, and the Zotero LibreOffice plugin (3.5.9). Zotero seems to be working fine in Firefox. I am using Windows 7Pro 64-bit OS.

Please help me get Zotero back in LibreOffice!

Error report# 711686924

  • Problem solved. Solution buried in the word processing trouble shooting page in the section titled "Add Extension(s)...does not exist error". I deleted my LibreOffice profile directory before reinstalling the plugin, and that did the trick.
  • Thanks a lot, it works also for me but I waste a lot of time on it!!
  • This works for me too, for a similar problem. Zotero toolbars stopped working; trying to reinstall the plugin gives an error saying it can't find Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt (it gave a longer filepath). Deleting the Libreoffice "user" file fixes it. I'm on Ubuntu.
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