Identifying Style Used by Diametros

I need to convert an article into the style used by the online Polish philosophy journal Diametros, but they use a style I've not seen before.

It calls for a bibliographical list formatted in this way:

Kant [1998] – I. Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, trans. A.W. Wood and P. Guyer, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1998.

And uses footnotes that look like this:

1. Kant [1998] p. 78.

Is this a standard format or is there another journal in the repository that employs anything that looks like this? Thanks!

The full details can be found here:
  • sorry, I don't think there is anything even remotely similar. I guess you best bet would be styles like World Politics or International Organization - footnote styles with author-date in the footnote - but they're still very different from this.
  • Thanks! It's a strange style, but these look like they will get me close to it.
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