Working with website snapshots

I think that Zotero is one of the best things I've seen on the net since NoScript and ScrapBook.

Still, I'm unhappy with the way Zotero handles the website snapshots. Please have a look at ScrapBook (or even integrate ScrapBook into Zotero). Currently, I'm missing these features:

- Download only certain content (i.e. no JavaScript and no Flash to get rid of pesky ads)

- Delete whatever I click on / whatever I have highlighted to quickly clean a page.

- Highlight text in a safe way.

While being able to switch "highlight mode" on with a button and simply highlighting by selecting some text is comfortable, this is a big source of mistakes because there is no undo and no way to "abort". For example, if your click once too often, too much text will be highlighted.

I would really prefer a keyboard shortcut plus an entry in the context menu to turn the current selection into a highlight. That would also allow me to "select read" (I'm selecting the text as I read it as a visual cue where I am) and highlight at the same time.
  • Here is a trick to clean the pages before archiving them: Install ScrapBook, use this plugin to download the page, use the DOM Eraser to get rid of anything you don't want and then use Zotero to make a snapshot.

    The only problem is that you'll lose the original URL :/
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