Style error: Academy of Management Review and Academy of Management Journal

These two citation styles should capitalize in the title, following a colon but currently do not.

Example from AMR style guide:

Fry, L. W., & Slocum, J. W., Jr. 1984. Technology, structure, and
workgroup effectiveness: A test of a contingency model.
Academy of Management Journal, 27: 221–246.

Thanks, Tom
  • you'll have to do that in the data. Zotero/CSL can't currently do that and won't be able to for quite some time.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I guess I'll keep using the Autohotkey macro that changes text to sentence case with capitalization after the colon.

    If anyone is interested, here is the code:

    ; Sentence case
    Clip_Save:= ClipboardAll
    Clipboard:= ""
    Send ^c{delete}
    StringLower, Clipboard, Clipboard
    Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "(((^|([.!?:]+\s+))[a-z])| i | i')", "$u1")
    Send %Clipboard%
    Len:= Strlen(Clipboard) + 1
    Clipboard:= Clip_Save
  • We're aware, btw. of the need for this. It just turns out to be surprisingly complicated to implement in a satisfactory way in CSL.

    As for your regexp - Zotero's own convert to sentence case - which doesn't capitalize after colon anymore - also removes the space before the colon which still gets imported from some library catalogs. I'd recommend removing that, too (i.e. put a \s* before your first parenthesis). You'll also run into trouble with your version if you have quotation marks in the title before a letter that you'd want capitalized. Not sure if that's relevant for you, but might be for others using this.
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