Start-up problem with database on separate partition

I've been experiencing an odd problem since setting up my most recent laptop: dual-boot ubuntu and w7, with a shared partition on which I keep my zotero data.
Upon start-up in ubuntu, Standalone opens as completely empty, not even the welcome guide. This is a Debug ID for such a start-up D1398600894 . When I go to the Files and Folders tab, the correct location is already filled in . If I re-select the same location through the "choose" menu and then go through the Zotero restart, I have my full database (and this is a Debug ID for that restart D58459026).
Subsequent closings and restartings of Standalone are not problematic, the issue only occurs on first start-up.

Now that I know I just need to re-select the database location and re-start, the whole thing is manageable, but I thought I would point it out in case there's an easy fix that is not specific to my set-up.
  • The behavior you describe would happen in 4.0.20 if Zotero can't find the Zotero data directory. We've fixed it for 4.0.21 to show the proper error message, which broke at some point. As far why you're getting that error, I couldn't really tell you. It's possible the situation will be a little clearer in 4.0.21.
  • Cheers, that's great, I'll keep an eye on things and see what happens in 4.0.21
  • Is the other partition set to be auto-mounted on startup (or login)? By default I don't think they usually are on Ubuntu, and I could see it not being mounted until you go through the file selection dialog.
  • Cheers, that was indeed the issue. After some fiddling around with various sets of instructions for auto-mounting partitions on ubuntu, the partition now mounts on start-up and my Zotero opens correctly.
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