When accessed, saved search folders crash Zotero. How to delete them?


In former discussion I pointed Zotero is crashing when attachment content is search based on complex regex expressions or even in simpler contexts: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/36322/zotero-always-crashes-when-searching-pdf-content-for-single-frequent-words/#Item_8

I saved many search folders when accessed crash Zotero (just click on it, stuck, wait many minutes and Zotero crash automatically!).

Is there any way I could delete these "bad" search folders?

The problem is there if I click on the folders they will crash Zotero. So, the solution may be something as disabling the search folders action in Zotero's config for a while, then deleting the folders...

  • Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way to delete the saved search without triggering it. (I hope Dan can prove me wrong on this one)

    I was looking into allowing right-click action on collections without opening them (as is possible in Windows Explorer, for instance), but given the framework that Zotero is based on and (I think) the inelegant way of indicating what collection is being affected by the right-click menu (as opposed to the collection that is being displayed in the center pane), I don't think this will be implemented in Zotero. (I think it's technically achievable, but I'm pretty sure Dan would not approve of this behavior)

    If you would be comfortable digging into the SQLite database (essentially the raw data that Zotero stores for your library), we could probably guide you through removing the saved searches. This would involve executing some SQL commands after opening your database in an SQLite Manager.
  • Thanks for clarifying. I would really appreciate if you guide me through removing the saved searches in the SQLite Manager. Actually, would you recommend any SQLite Manager?
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    I have same problem as this. I could finally remove the "bad" saved search in the following way.
    (Warning : I'm a newbie who doesn't know any SQL commands. Please be sure to make a backup of zotero.sqlite and never run Zotero while you edit).

    1. Download "DB Browser for SQLite". (https://sqlitebrowser.org/)
    2. After startup, switch the tab "Browse Data". (Tabs are lined with "Database Structure / Browse Data / Edit Pragmas / Execute SQL").
    3. Select "savedSearch" in the table, and remember the ID of the folders that are annoying you !
    4. Select "savedSearchConditions" in the table. If you find the ID, you cant edit its value, operator, condition to safety one. (In my case, Zotero crashes because I specified a condition where the two collections refer to each other. So I deleted the "value" of the collection.)
    5. Save zotero.sqlite with "Save project".

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