Does "space" character work in Zotero's normal PDF content search?


When searching by "title", if a "space" is added before " science", it would avoid to mismatch "conscience".

If it was a PDF search by using Regex, it would be "\bscience", in which \b is the boundary of the word.

=> In the case of Zotero's normal PDF content search, how does the "space" work? How can it be handled for exact matches?

Many thanks,
  • regular spaces do work in the advanced search and they work just like any other literal character, so " science" (without quotation marks) doesn't match "conscience". It also doesn't match "science" at the beginning of the document or, say, right after an em-dash, but that should be quite rare.
    (btw - why not just try things like that out: it's easy to test).
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