Zotero's Regex is based in which language (MySQL, Javascript)?

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Which language?

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  • sqlite called from javascript, like most of Zotero. Why?
  • I'm using a software (RegexBuddy) which allows Regex simulation/testing. So it is easier to test the Regex expression before runs Zotero itself.

    By the way, I am simulating in RegexBuddy using "Javascript (Chrome)" language. In the following figure http://goo.gl/94UmCF there are all the languages supported by RegexBuddy. By the way, if you see a better match for Zotero please let me know.

    Many thanks!
  • javascript will work fine, but for the type of simple regex that you'll use for searching it also won't matter much. Stuff that varies is mostly what types of flags are supported as well as some highly unusual syntax. I doubt you'll come across a situation where that matters.
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