Highlighting-associated notes

I'd like to be able to tag saved notes with:

* a page number and SVG file, so that the note can be associated with a specific area of a specific page of a PDF.
* a piece of the fulltext or internal document reference (heading, figure caption), so I can tag HTML and other text formats

I'd like to be able to share at least the former, preferably both. A GUI would be needed, but it would be really useful. I know people who use Elsevier's Mendeley instead of Zotero purely for this feature.
  • you can insert links to PDFs - including to specific pages - in notes. Look at Zotfile, which does that on extracting notes:
  • Thanks, adamsmith. That looks like it would work on any OCRed PDF. I'll give it a try, and sorry for not spotting it before I posted.
  • Doesn't even require OCR - if you want to exctract highlighted text, it needs to be OCRd of course, but to insert notes and link to the corresponding page, any PDF will do.
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