Style Request [Medienwandel – Medienwechsel – Medienwissen Chronos]

Dear all

I've got some kind of a difficult stylesheet to use that is for my thesis and belongs to the book series Medienwandel – Medienwechsel – Medienwissen that's published by Chronos.

Journal article:
Peter Koch, Wulf Oesterreicher: Sprache der Nähe – Sprache der Distanz. Mündlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit im Spannungsfeld von Sprachtheorie und Sprachgeschichte, in: Romanistisches Jahrbuch 36 (1985), S. 1–45.

Book chapter:
Detlef Kremer: Text und Medium, in: Barbara Sabel, André Bucher (Hg.): Der unfeste Text. Perspektiven auf einen literatur- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Leitbegriff. Würzburg 2001, S. 23–53, hier S. 26f.

This is just for first citation. Then there has to be a short form:
Kremer, Text und Medium (Anm. @), S. 26f.

It also should have a style for critical editions:
Stanley Cavell: Die Unheimlichkeit des Gewöhnlichen und andere philosophische Essays, hg. von Davide Sparti u. Espen Hammer. Frankfurt/M. 2002 (Fischer 15330), S. 103f.

Is there a style that is near to this?

Best wishes Claudio
  • Kritische Ausgabe is probably closest. Beyond that see here:
    esp. pay close attention to point 3.
  • Thank you for looking this up. Do you think it will be easy to adapt Kritische Ausgabe to this style? I would have a look at this if you think it is possible. Otherwise I have a pdf of the style information (unfortunately no issn as it is for monographs…):
  • depends on what "easy" constitutes. You can try starting from
    otherwise we'll need to full info for the style request, including the correctly formatted citations under 3. Once that's in usually takes 1-2months
  • Sure… I will start with this editor and have done some adaptations with another style and will ask for help in this forums if needed. Thanks a lot!
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