ORCID parameter in forum user profiles

An ORCID identifier [1] is like an ISBN or DOI for a researcher, or other author. As noted at [2], it would be good if user profiles in the forum had an option to enter and display the user's ORCID identifier.

Anyone may register, free, for an ORCID identifier, at the ORCID website [1]. It takes less than a minute to do so, and I would encourage you all to get one.

[1] http://orcid.org/

[2] https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/36088/orcid/
  • There's been talk about the forums undergoing an upgrade to the latest Vanilla version (I believe). After that, additional improvements are possible, but the utility of ORCID for a support forum is questionable.

    As far as the public Zotero profile goes, I believe that's being deprecated.
  • edited April 16, 2014
    The public profile pages aren't being removed, just browsing of profiles.
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