[MLZ] Fixes to language support

Users who have tried MLZ on a Mac in the past have reported that the language variant pulldowns either failed to open or opened erratically.

This was traced to a change in Firefox that took hold in the Mac version before reaching Linux (which I use almost exclusively for my own work). I introduced a fix quite some time ago that was meant to adapt to the change, but a further recent report of the same issue forced me to look at the problem again.

Sparing the technical details, I discovered that I had misunderstood the newer coding form recommended by the Firefox team, and my "fix" had not actually taken effect.

The latest MLZ release (ver. 4.0.18m437) includes new code for the language pulldowns. I haven't yet tested the revsion on Mac OSX, but it should work correctly on all platforms.

If you give the new version a spin and have difficulties, feel free to report back to this thread.

(For non-MLZ users, please note that installing MLZ alters the Zotero database format in a way that is incompatible with Standalone Zotero and the official Zotero for Firefox client. You should install MLZ only if you [are one of my students or] require its extended features.)

(Edit: For those interested in the technical side of the issue, see this post, which offers a short description of the embarrassing details.)
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