Using Regex on attachment contents (advanced search)


I tried the following search without success:

attachment content --> contains --> author A
attachment content --> contains --> term A|term B|term C

I was expecting many results, but the search provided "0" results.

a) Is the syntax wrong in the second criteria (OR): term A|term B|term C ?

b) Is it possible to search in an single field "attachment content --> contains -->" using (AND). What would be the regex expression equivalent to term A AND term B AND term C?

  • a) the syntax is right. Check if you get a hit for this without the first search condition. Also, double-check that regex is actually selected - the type of search, at least for me, gets reset easily and defaults to a regular phrase search

    b) no. There is no "AND" in regular expressions (it doesn't make sense for what regex was designed to do, which is to match a specific string). You can, of course, add it as an additional search condition in Zotero.
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