Make Remove Codes icon consistent with the others

The Remove Codes icon doesn’t visually go well with the others. How about this instead:

(I am the one who designed the others in that group, years ago.)
  • While we're at it, is there any interest in beefing up the Word ribbon tab? I think I'd really like labels to go with the icons, like:
  • no opinion on the Word ribbon (though wouldnt' that take up too much space?) but liking the alternate/new remove field codes icon.
  • IMO the suggested icon is too cluttered. It's hard to tell what's really going on there.I think the current icon is much clearer about its function
  • (I prefer the original icon as well)
  • The proposed icon is the existing sync icon with a slash. It means: remove the ability to sync.

    The existing chain-link one is “clearer” only if you bring knowledge of it from another application and can mentally extend that here. In Zotero the chain-link metaphor is not used for connection to a Zotero database. It is used for a hyperlink within a library item. Connection to a Zotero database on the toolbar and in the Setting tab is represented by the two curved arrows.

    And neither does Word use the chain-link metaphor for fields or for unlinking them.

    So that metaphor here is inconsistent with its use elsewhere in Zotero and inconsistent with existing metaphors for a citation or connection to a database.
  • Would be good to confer with the active discussions here:

    and here:

    I think that any additional changes to the Word interface should start from the changes there (larger icons, integration with References tab, more consistent UI with rest of Word).
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